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A tribute to darkness

Perfect winter bikes

The perfect winter bike is hand built. It is adapted to the season and it is connected with a workshop that takes care of it.


And it is reflective.

Good winter bikes are primarily just good bikes that are well maintained.


We make them reflective for a little extra security - But mostly to make them look good and unique.

It is not that advanced.

A tribute to the darkness

We want to pay tribute to the darkness. The time of year when the air is a little fresher and where the city's many lights create atmosphere. It is also the time of the year when we get more space on the cycle path.

The best thing for us is that in the dark times we can take better care of the cool winter cyclists.

On this page we have pictures that are examples of reflective bikes.


Come by and tell us which bike we should build for you!


[There are more pictures on the way]

[There are more pictures on the way]

[There are more pictures on the way]

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