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Second hand bikes

Follow the production! When a bike is ready, picture is taken, the latest is top, are not removed after sale.

Our used bikes (2-10 new every day, always 50-100 ready)

Brugte cykler

We make an effort to build good bikes, but the accessories we cannot make ourselves. Instead, we choose brands and products in which we believe. Stuff that endures. We have many options of locks, lights and helmets from Abus. We have everything you need for your second hand Buddha Bike.


cykel kilder

Getting old bike-scrap is much harder than one would think. We need to make sure, that nothing is stolen. We want scrap that would otherwise have been thrown out. That is why we do not buy at auctions but instead get trash. This is the material that is in danger of being wasted and this is where the environmental impacts is greatest. 

Where do we get bikes from?

brugte cykler

Warranty and service is essential when buying bikes and even more so when buying second hand bikes. Few daily commuters can wait very long when your bike breaks down. We believe that it is crucial to our reputation that we uphold a high standard and that admit to the mistakes we might make. That is why we have committed ourselves to extra services and extra warranty.


Warranty & Service

Humans are built rather differently and the size and geometry of a bike must fit the intended cyclist. A bike is a machine with which your body interacts in different ways. Most have tried a bike that felt completely wrong to ride. We want to avoid that!

Body height and inseam are the common indicators to measure, but there are many other things to take into account. We have made a guide as extensive as possible but remember that nothing beats trying out a bike and proper testing.   

Sizeguide for bikes / frame size


We want to offer something extra for students with a short-term need. Within 7 months of purchase, students can sell their Buddha Bike back to us. This is particularly relevant for exchange students with one-semester stays in Copenhagen but also for other students, that wants some flexibility.  Click the button and read more about our BuyBack rules.

Buyback opportunity


The great thing about working with used bikes is that they are all different.  A given second bike is more or less unique. However, this poses a challenge when we want to tell the world what have in the store at a given time. We experience daily changes as we build a sell new bikes every single day. And given bike is priced after the worth of that bike. Of course we have a procedure for this. Click the button and read more.



Most people have only bought a handful of bikes in their entire lives and even fewer second hand bikes. There are quite a few things to consider. Just as with new bikes, a second hand bikes needs to fit the purpose and the rider. It’s worth having some insights into the options and not the least to know about the potential problems you should look for when buying a second hand bike.

Purchase guide

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