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5 tips for bike size

There are many tables out there on the big internet, and we'll probably show them to you in a little while. But before you read them, let's just highlight some important points! Also read our buying guide.


1. Nothing beats a test drive

You have to ride your bike every day and it must feel right. There are many reasons why size guides are simplistic and they do not substitute labeling for themselves, and may even ask a professional. The long text afterwards is really just an elaboration of this point.


2. Cyclist geometry.

Bicycles are built according to different designs, and this is often expressed as the geometry of the bicycle. So we are not talking about the appearance, but about the shape of the bike, and for example distance from wheel to wheel, the length of the bike in relation to its height, etc.

Take for example a bicycle where the rider sits right up and down the saddle. As you ride your bike forward, it is less relevant to how long your upper body is, and the saddle can be moved up / down and adjusted to your leg length. Here, the size of the frame is not as important as with other bicycle types, and with this type of bike it is less crucial to follow various frame types. For example, a frame size 52cm grandmother bike probably fits 80% of Danish women. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a racing bike, then it is a completely different talk. To confuse it all even more, different brands and factories build bicycles in their own way, and thus 2 bicycles of the same frame size may well fit more or less well for the same cyclist.


3. Cycling structure

A frame is the most important factor in determining whether a given bike is right for you. It's just far from everything that has an impact on it. The pin, steering wheel, wheel size, tire size and seat post can also have a bearing on which bike suits a given person. Again, there is an argument that ground guides should be taken with a grain of salt. As good approximate guides but not as truths that give the full picture. And not as a substitute for trying a bike first.


4. The structure of human beings

Some have long arms according to their height, others have long legs and short upper bodies, etc. So which bike size is right for you, is not necessarily what a given frame guide says. Maybe you have a sway in the back that has a bearing on the way you cycle and thus there may be another reason why you should try your way.


5. Did we say that you have to try a bike before you buy something?

Ok, NOW you may want to look at some pretty reasonable size guides


Also read our buying guide, click here!





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