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When we refurbish an old scrapped bike to sell, this is almost like a regular (albeit extensive) bike repair. We are thus solidly trained in repairs of all kinds. We like to take care of the bikes that others have given up on.

Welding Jobs

If your old beautiful steel bike is broken, then there are good chances we can save it. We are now quite rehearsed in welding bicycles and making sure that it looks nice afterwards. Whether a given injury can be saved and what the cost of the task is requires that we inspect the damage to our workshop and see the bike. WE DO NOT WELD ALUMINIUM


So you do not get a full price list of repairs. Namely, there are tens of thousands of different bicycle components. You are always welcome to call and inquire for a price on any given repair. Regardless, we always align with you before embarking on repairing your bike. Come in with the bike and talk to us - then we should probably find a solution that makes everyone happy.

Borrowing Bikes

We have loan bikes, of course, and it is of course free to borrow a bike while we make yours. We cannot guarantee that we have one for you, but we are rarely missing.

Rare spare parts

We have a large stock of used parts and we have become good at finding atypical spare parts. Then you have a bike where the spare parts have long since ceased production, so it may well be that we can still find a good solution. This requires that we inspect the damage to our workshop and see the bike.

Cargo bikes

We are restoring many cargo bikes. We have the space, the tools and the capabilities. And we like it! And even if your cargo bike has both crooked wheels and a rotten wooden box, we can get it back to its heyday. Start by handing the bike to us and we will review it and call you with an estimate of price, as well as our recommendations.

Passion for repairs

We are often praised for really bothering to save people's old bikes. We are told that here we stick out a little in the crowd. Is it because we have become good at major and cumbersome repairs, and therefore have more fun with it? Possibly. yes, probably. It also helps that we like challenges. There is just a little more pride in doing something that many others cannot or will not do.

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