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Environmental Impact

We understand our environment as our surroundings, and we really like it. That is why we do our part to preserve and protect it. We are a Registered Socio-Economic Company for the same reason. Not because it is something special, but because we want to contribute as much as we can, and live up to our own standard. On this page, we describe our modest results as soberly and structured as possible. 

Local lense

Global lense

Stort træ
Spaciousness in numbers

It's a standing joke that those at Buddha Bikes who don't already have a diagnosis should probably get one. And there must be room for people like us. 


The municipality calls some of us "vulnerable citizens", so we also use that term when we have to measure and communicate.  

Status 1/1-2024

  • 54% of employees & trainees are officially "exposed" and/or chronically ill - on average for the year 2023

  • Number of fully trained apprentices: 4

  • Capacity internship course: 1-2 at a time

  • capacity apprentices: 2 

Education program

We reserve our training capacity for apprentices who will have difficulty finding an apprenticeship elsewhere. 

Training as a bicycle mechanic typically takes 3-4 years and the quality of this depends 95% on the place of practice and the apprentice himself. That is why we have developed a training programme. 

It consists of monthly evaluations, ongoing learning goals, strict rules, opportunities for both cash bonuses and written warnings.

Collaboration with Team V

At Team V's initiative, we at Buddha Bikes have a collaboration to great pleasure  and meaningful employment for a bunch of wonderful people. 

After all, that's how consumers throw things away. We then get this "waste" in Buddha Bikes, and most of it becomes good recycled bicycles. But some of this is also waste for us. But it's not for Team V! 

They have regular outings (the whole herd) to Buddha Bikes, where our scrap bikes are collected. In their workshop it is sorted and separated. And some of it can even be used in their own bicycle workshop and donated to social purposes, e.g. Sandholmlejeren's bicycle workshop, etc. It will be bicycle components that we cannot give the right to complain about (because they are TOO worn out), but therefore it can still be used. 

It gives them a pleasant sorting activity with motor skills training etc. and that creates meaningful employment. 

Team V is an employment offer under the Social Administration in the Municipality of Copenhagen for adults with "reduced physical and mental functioning". These people are pretty hard hit, if we have to say it like it is. 

That is why it is fantastic that the offer exists, and we feel enriched by the fact that we are again and again visited by the wonderful people in Team v's offer. 

Recycling production

CO2 load is quickly complex to calculate if all factors have to be included. Especially if you want to be honest and avoid giving people the wrong impression.

In 2023, we produced 1205 recycled bicycles. The supply of recycled bicycles has thus increased by 1205 units. Recycled bicycles are only available to a limited extent, unlike imported assembly line bicycles that are always "forever" because you can simply import a few more. 

So it's pretty safe to say we've prevented the sale of 1205 NEW bikes. Our bikes cost an average of 25 kg of Co2 to repair. a new assembly line bike, incl. transport and packaging, costs 225 kg Co2

Has Buddha Bikes thus saved the planet approx. 240,000 kg of Co2, corresponding to approx. 14 average Danes' annual consumption?

Maybe. We can't prove it. But we intend to refurbish even more bikes at a cost of 25 kg of Co2 each. That we can't run from.


Judge for yourself. 


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