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Long John of 1959

"I have a pretty old case here. But it has affectionate value and I believe in recycling, old and new craftsmanship. Will you give it 60 more years?"


We have, admittedly, a strange nostalgic love for the old. It probably stems from the classic tale that everything was a little better in the "old days". Unlike most, however, we see the evidence every single day. This bike will probably see its 100th birthday in the streets of Copenhagen. Can you say the same about your latest bike purchase?

There are many challenges with such repairs. For example, the new modern Shimano Nexus 7 gearshift does not actually fit on this bike at all. It can not be there at all. And due to the quality of the frame - despite its age - it was not at all straightforward to make room. The pleasure of planning, succeeding with the result, and then see it roll off in the sunset again, is however, something more people deserve to experience.

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