Topdanmark is an insurance and pension company that is focused on CSR; the social responsibility. That is why they are obvious partners for Buddha Bikes. Also because as an insurance company they end up with some used bikes. When your bike is stolen, you get money from your insurance company, but if the bike is found again, then the insurance company owns the bike since they technically paid you for it. Topdanmark donates their bikes to Buddha Bikes, and we are responsible for the logistics.

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The Askov Foundation's KBH+ department is our partner when it comes to social expertise. The Askov Foundation has over 70 years of experience in helping vulnerable young people and assists the Buddha with professional help when we need it. Because everyone wins when no one loses.

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The development of the concept behind Buddha Bikes has partly been done in collaboration with the Social Capital Fund. Through the program 'Social Startup' we received a lot of feedback and professional development assistance.

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We work closely with Tec - the technical schools responsible for bike mechanic educations. To ensure a good education, this cooperation is very important to us.

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180 Degrees Consulting is the world's largest student consulting firm. That team of students has helped Buddha Bikes branding provided many good input for this website.

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Buddha Bikes collaborates with Donkey Republic on many levels, as the founders of Buddha Bikes are also co-founders of Donkey.

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Both Buddha Bikes and Cykelven are part of the same company. We share inventory and administration etc.

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Argo helps us collect bikes through their recycling facilities. Bikes that would otherwise suffer a horrible death.

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