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"I am a carpenter, father, very tall and want a bike that can replace my car. It should go fast, but no electricity. I should be able to load big and heavy. Can you handle it?"

Custom carpentry sled


This bike measures 290 cm from extremity to extremity. It is a Buddha Bikes design with clearly strong inspiration from the classic Long John. We can safely call it "Lange Jan". The best - and hardest - thing is always to build something that does not exist. The rear frame is from an old bike, the rest we have built up.


The customer will build the box himself, for which plenty of space has been made, so that the car will never be missed. We hope to see it with box!

The frame is powder coated according to the customer's wishes and it is built up with an SRAM X5 group, dynamo system and hydraulic disc brakes.

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