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"I have an idea for an electric vehicle that can be used by disabled people with children and that complies with the legal requirements for wheelchairs. After two years of global search, I have given up on finding what I need. Will you create such a vehicle for me? "

Prof. Halvor's prototype

This is our biggest

project to date.


Halvor Hanisch is a senior researcher in disability studies at Oslo Metropolitan University, and an associate professor of disability at VID specialized university. Hanisch has been network leader of the Norwegian Network for Disability Research (2011-2016), and editor-in-chief of the Scandinavian Journal for Disability Research (2012-2015).


Halvor is very annoyed by the fact that both the legislation and the available aids for the disabled insinuate that the disabled should not have children. So Buddha Bikes should help him change that a little bit.  First of all, by making a vehicle for him and his son. 


"Ensure that the vehicle is perceived as the world's coolest wheelchair"

- Halvor Hannisch, June 2020


  • Use recycled materials as much as possible.

  • The vehicle must live up to Norwegian rules regarding. wheelchairs (rules designed for single-vehicle vehicles)

  • Space for 2 people on the vehicle. Child buckle on rear seat

  • Entrance as in wheelchair.

  • Space for groceries etc. 

  • Enough engine power for Norwegian climbs and ditto parking brake.

  • Safe enough for a child

  • Long battery life and the possibility of long trips.  

  • Build steering system with high maneuverability, reverse gear and without elements that prevent entry as in a wheelchair. Bicycle handlebars and steering wheel are excluded.

  • Make it beautiful and admirable. One may well have a handicap and still arrive in style.

  • Build a suspension system so that curbs and holes in the road do not cause problems.

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