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Warranty & Service

We offer an extended warranty on all our bikes and a level of service as described here.


Our warranty and service serves three purposes:

  1. You must know that we care about our workmanship want to correct our mistakes

  2. You must know that we want our bikes to used for a long time

  3. You must know exactly what to expect and what you cannot expect.

First and foremost, we want to (and have to) live up the legally required warranty called “reklamationsret”. This gives any purchaser of any product a set of rights for 2 years, in cases of purchases of products with existing faults.

If we made a mistake, we have to correct it. There is little to discuss here. However, there are many situations in which it is difficult to know how or when a given problem has arisen, and if the problem was present at the time of purchase. For this reason, it is very important that you

  1. Come to us with the bike as soon as possible after a given problem is showing itself.

  2. Do not try and fix the problem yourself

  3. Do not ask anyone else to try and fix it


If we can prove that the problem is caused by something present at the time of purchase, then the matter is easy: we will cover. Likewise, it is easy if we can prove that the problem is caused by i.e. wear and tear after purchase. Then we do not cover.

When we lack definitive proof of either, the matter is more tricky. In these cases, there is nothing else to do but to talk about it and reach a conclusion that makes everybody happy. Luckily, we do not mind talking with you.



  • The warranty called "Reklamationsret" is expanded from 2 years (legally required in EU) to 3 years

  • We offer 6 months guarantee on all bikes sold at 2900 dkk or more. This inclues a puncture-guarantee. all repairs in the first 6 months will be covered by the warranty - If causes by normal use, which excludes damages from traffic accidents, sports-usage or self-repair inflicted damages.   

  • Right if return of purchase within 7 days of purchase. Albeit with a 300 dkk fee, since we naturally need to recheck the entire bike before we can present it to someone else. 

  • 20% discount on all repairs as long as the original owner still has the bike(patchings and tubes changes excluded)

  • A free service checkup within 2 months of purchase

  • Always quick and solid solutions to issues: Same day if possible

  • Always free, friendly and competent advice. Both before and after purchase

  • Almost always available bikes for loan (free of charge) while your bike is being repaired

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