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Vacant job as a bicycle mechanic!

In the spring of 2023 - or before - Buddha Bikes will miss a bike mechanic or 2. 

All those considered will be thoroughly tested
- We expect experience and routine. Enough to work under pressure when the nice customers are waiting in line.
- We expect versatile professionalism. You must be skilled
- We expect team spirit. Mutual cooperation is important to us.



Because we expect a lot from each other, we also need to feel good.
- Good salary, health insurance, pension scheme (AP Pension), lunch scheme, maternity scheme, long pay-during-illness, flexibility in working hours
- Ample opportunities to work on private projects.

- A strong team, high spirits, all the tools you could wish for
- Help build vehicles that have never been built before. Either because a customer orders a prototype or because you think it could be fun to test.
- Invitation to the "Olympics in bad ideas" (our Christmas lunch)


The application must be submitted in writing by physical attendance. During opening hours. If you don't have a printer, you are welcome to borrow ours, but it still requires physical attendance. 

References from previous employers are a big plus. That is, someone that we have to call and ask what kind of colleague you are.

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