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We love our job: We fasten, we hammer and we weld. We build cheap used second hand bikes all day long. When you enter the bikeshop we will help you find what you are looking for. 
And we continue building.

We made a choice: We do not want to use our days unboxing the same bikes from the same factories. No we want to restore trashed bikes and make all kinds of recycled second hand bikes. We want to build them like we want to. If we believe the original design and setup was poor, we want to change it. 
This is how we have fun.

When we create used bikes for you and your neighbours we want to use a few new components as possible, and use our craft as much as possible. 
This is how we feel good about our work.

brugte cykler

Used bikes

Our primary job is to manufacture cheap bikes for everyone. Ordinary good secondhand and used bikes. They must be made with as much recycling as possible, the need to be as cheap as possible and the quality and service level must be as high as possible. See our used and secondhand bikes here


Buddha Bikes is more than just a bikeshop selling cheap used bikes. We are actively working against the unsustainable spend-and-throw-away culture that marks our attitude towards both materials and human beings. We are a new chance for both young people and old steel. . Read more

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We make cheap second hand bikes and the best way to talk to us, is in the workshop in Copenhagen. Or by phone. However, we are also on social media. On Facebook we announce weekends with special offers and we invite everyone to join us mountainbiking in the woods. On Instagram we showcase bikes and stories from the workshop.

- Facebook goup for mountainbike-trips

- Buddha Bikes official FB page

- Instagram page for bike production

- Instagram page for stories from the workshop

Nye cykler

New bikes

There are many people who want something new and beautiful. It must be long-lasting and thus a bicycle they can be happy for a very long time. Here, a new bike may well make sense. We make new bikes still based on recycled materials to save on environmental costs. See our new bikes

Bikeshop Copenhagen

In a beautiful old area our workshop is located among graffiti painted walls and creative neighbours. Just here where Copnhagen NV, Osterbro and Norrebro meets. This is where we hammer, fasten and weld away. Take a look at our projects and get some insigths into the many things that is going on in Buddha Bikes. Read more 

garanti cykler

Warranty is something you give to instill confidence to the customer. No one can foresee what problems a given product will get but we can choose to stand by our craft. We choose to treat people with respect, also after a sale. That is why we have chosen to offer a good warranty on our bikes.. Read more

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