The idea of Korte Jan

By cutting an old and good frame into pieces and welding it together again, we can get a frame with some very specific driving characteristics.


A small, wax and agile bike with a large load capacity. It is perfect for us who live in the city.


Very inspired by the classic "Short John" but still very different.

Local Recycling

The frame is built from 90% recycled material but all wearing parts are new. And it's all done in Copenhagen.


It means a lot to us that we take care of the whole process ourselves. We must be on target for our own production and not just resell something from a remote assembly line.

It provides pride, local jobs and then it is very environmentally friendly.

Frame and lacquer

Do you have a 26 "steel mountain bike that has served its military service as a MTB?


If so, we can rebuild your old frame into a "Short Jan" frame and build the bike as you wish.


Come by with your old iron horse and let's talk about the possibilities. It's neither cheaper nor more expensive - the result will be just a bike with extra history and soul.


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