Environmental Report

We understand our environment as our surroundings, and we really like it. That is why we do our part to preserve and protect it. We are a Registered Socio-Economic Company for the same reason. Not because it is something special, but because we want to contribute as much as we can, and live up to our own standard. On this page, we describe our modest results as soberly and structured as possible. 

The immediate environment

The greater environment

Stort træ

It is a standing joke that those in Buddha Bikes who do not already have a diagnosis should probably get one. This is rather hard to measure. But we try.


  • 27% of employees were officially "vulnerable" when starting at Buddha Bikes (January 2020).

  • Each year we have 5-15 internships of varying duration.

  • We have the capacity for 2-3 apprentices under full-time education

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Recycling Production

CO2 impact is complex to calculate if all factors are included. However, we can tell you that

  • Buddha Bikes annually save the environment for approx. 210,000 kg CO2 compared to a bicycle dealer selling new bicycles (in the same number).

We build and sell used bicycles. On average, the production of a new bicycle impacts the atmosphere by 220-230 kg. CO2. In comparison, the refurbishment of a used bike only impacts the atmosphere by approx. 20-30kg CO2.

If we sell 1000 bicycles in a year, it is tempting to talk about a CO2 saving of 200,000 kg. CO2.

However, it would be equally true to say that in that year we have loaded the atmosphere with 1000 x 30kg CO2.

We sell approx. 1000-1100 cycles every year. You choose whether you want to measure us on savings or impact.